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restaurant hood cleaning

Restaurant hood cleaning prevents kitchen fires from happening! Keep your kitchen staff safe and working in a healthy environment with our kitchen cleaning and hood washing service.

Hood Filter Cleaning

Its essential to the air quality and fire safety of your kitchen to have clean and properly working hood filters. Our hood filter cleaning service will wash away all of the stained on grease accumulated from thousands of hours of cooking.

Our business exists to serve your restaurant!

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The final step to a perfectly clean kitchen is to wash your exhaust fans. Clean exhaust fans will allow for proper air flow and ventilation through your kitchen, keeping the air quality pure and safe.

Appliance Steam Cleaning

Protect your appliances from unnecessary wear and tear by keeping them clean at all times. Our appliance steam cleaning service will have your appliances looking great for inspection time.

Our Services Prevent Restaurant Fires!

Floor and Wall Steam Clean

Over the years dirt and grease will accumulate underneath and behind your kitchen appliances. We will remove all of your appliances and wash away the years worth of gunk build up. We will then safely place your appliances back into their proper place after the cleaning service is complete.


Dumpster pad cleaning provides for a clean environment around your garbage pads. This eliminates the dangers of people slipping on grease as well as avoiding a fire hazard. Clean dumpster pads will also keep rodents and insects from colonizing around your business.


Driveway Power Wash

Bring your driveways back to life with our pressure washing services. We can remove stains, dirt and most oil spills from your driveway’s concrete slabs.

Gum Removal

With our professional hot water, pressure washing services we can blast and steam away any and all gum stains from your business. We can wash all surfaces including concrete, brick, tile and stucco.

Our Residential Services Protect Your Home

Sidewalk Steam Cleaning

We can wash away stains from any surface. We can power wash your walkways or sidewalks for residential or commercial properties. Having your business’ driveways and sidewalks cleaned will increase the perceived value of your business and make it more inviting for potential prospects.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Your solar panels are an amazing utility to produce clean energy for your home or business. When dirt, dust and other debris accumulate on top of your solar panels they will begin to lose efficiency. Our solar panel cleaning service will bring your panels back to life and make them look new! The best part is they will produce more electricity for you and last longer.

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