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More Than 8,000 restaurants catch on fire each year!

restaurant hood cleaning

Restaurant hood cleaning is a necessity for the safety and well being of your commercial restaurant. Having a dirty kitchen will obviously have a negative impact on the quality of food taste and safety, but not only that, it is a major fire hazard! Having grease build up and dirty stove hoods is an invitation for disaster! If you don’t notice this and take care of the issue your health inspector will and will require you to properly clean your kitchen. Our hood cleaning services will remove all grease and smudge built up from smoke and oil cooking. We will leave your restaurant clean and make it a safe and fresh cooking environment.

63.5% of restaurant fires are cooking equipment related

Hood Filter Cleaning

All of the flat surfaces of a kitchen are easily noticeable and get cleaned regularly, but have you checked your hood filters? Hood filters begin to darken with all kinds of grease and gunk building up inside of them. Not only is this a health concern but this also functionally keeps your hoods from working properly. Our hood filter cleaning service will wash away all the grime and carcinogens off of your filters. Clean filters allow adequate air flow for smoke and fumes to be properly ventilated out of your kitchen. Clean hood filters are a must and they make for a healthy and safe kitchen.

20% Of Equipment Fires Are Due To a Lack Of Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning

So you have your kitchen appliances, hoods and filters all cleaned up but there’s still more involved in your kitchens fire safety cleaning. The most overlooked cleaning service for commercial kitchens are the exhaust fans. Your exhaust fans can begin to build up grime from all the smoke your kitchen produces. Our exhaust fan cleaning service will steam away all the smudge built up on your fans and will alleviate the motor tension allowing for better ventilation. Our exhaust fan service will allow your hoods and fans to perform better while reducing fire hazards within your restaurant.

More Services We Offer

Pressure Washing

We can pressure wash just about anything! We wash inside and outside of restaurants. We power wash driveways, walkways, parking lots, structures, even residential properties.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar cleaning is a wonderful service that will enhance the efficiency of your solar cells power production. Our solar cleaning service can also protect your solar panels and make them look beautiful again!

Appliance Cleaning

We can steam all of the appliances within your restaurant's kitchen. After we have fully cleaned your hoods and it's extensions we can then bring your stoves, fryers and other appliances back to life.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

All the garbage and grease that gets tossed into your dumpster finds it way leaking out onto the ground. This presents a risk of someone falling as well as attracts rodents to your restaurant. Let us clean it all up!

TLC Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

We take quality serious and always guarantee you the best service! We strive above all else to provide you integrity in our cleaning and an excellent service. Your happiness and the safety of your restaurant is our top priority. If for any reason at all you find any aspect of our cleaning service to be unsatisfactory, please call us within 24 hours and we will address the problem immediately to ensure to you 100% satisfaction!

Our Customers Love Us!

Jose did a great job cleaning our restaurant's kitchen hood, equipment, floor and sidewalks. He is responsive, timely and follows up with pictures and a written description . I look forward to working with him for many years.
James Smith
San Jose, CA
No need to seek through the short list of dirty (literally and figuratively) hood cleaners. TLC provided superior customer service along with unparalleled results, Jose (owner) is truly a man with integrity.
Karaage Burger
San Francisco, CA
Grease trap in my restaurant needed TLC and Jose showed up in a short notice and took care of the issue right away. He also offered to clean my hood and power wash my oven and trash containers. He went over and beyond. Five star service!
Anil Pesaramelli
Oakland, CA

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